Maryville college application essay

Our students live and learn in a community that prepares students for enriched lives as citizens, leaders, and educated persons and provides a personal and total learning experience. What ever your current status as a student, applying to MC is easy! Then follow the instructions to begin your application process.

Maryville college application essay

Black or African American, non-Hispanic: Experiential learning allows students to learn how to adapt to a new environment, to act without a customary support system, and to develop trust in their own resources of intelligence and discipline.

Maryville administration and faculty design experimental education courses to contain the following characteristics: It involves active and sustained participation by the student. It is a kind of experience that the student has not had before.

It requires the student not only to do something new, but also to stand back from the activity, assess its significance, and draw conclusions about it.

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It provides opportunities to test these conclusions or, in the case of a skill-oriented course, to demonstrate increased mastery. It has as a major goal some modification in attitude or outlook, some change in personal perspective, and some deepening of insight regarding oneself and others or oneself and the world.

This community includes persons with a variety of interests, backgrounds, beliefs, and nationalities.

Maryville college application essay

Faculty emphasize effective teaching and strive to build supportive relationships with their students, challenging them to grow in academic competence, personal and social maturity, and spiritual discernment and commitment. In such an atmosphere of openness and caring, lasting friendships are formed.

To prepare students for a world of uncertainty and accelerating change, Maryville seeks to: Stimulate purposeful inquiry Encourage analytical thinking and effective expression Foster discriminating aesthetic taste and sound judgment Provide opportunity for developing personal values Nurture the deep concern for persons that leads to constructive action Vibrant Communities MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE The Mountain Challenge, unique to Maryville, is an exciting outlet for students to dive into nature and conquer the wilderness of Tennessee—no matter their experience in the great outdoors!

As a one-credit class, this Challenge fosters a daring incentive to step outside of the box and try new experiences like biking, canoeing, caving, rafting, and much more!

Students who take on the Mountain Challenge are bound to form a community with their adventurous group of peers, sharing their life-changing challenges alongside one another.Explore key Maryville College information including application requirements, popular majors, tuition, SAT scores, AP credit policies, and more.

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College of Arts and Sciences Master of Science in Actuarial Science. Application for admission.

Maryville college application essay

Non-refundable application processing fee; GRE (Graduate Record Exam): a minimum score of on the mathematics quantitative sections. Undergraduate Application for International Students. An essay explaining your reasons for choosing Maryville College. If you are also applying for an international student scholarship, add an explanation of your financial situation in which you discuss your financial need and how you intend to pay for your college studies.

Find out admissions requirements for Maryville College, including GPA requirements and SAT, ACT, and application requirements.

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Searching for the right Online Degree or Online College program? Maryville is the right online university for you. Why Maryville Online? As you consider earning a degree online, you’re probably entering unfamiliar territory.

But we have your back. This isn’t new to us.

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Maryville College Admission Requirements