Impact of delhi metro on the life of delhi citizens

Home Cities Delhi Delhi's air quality was most deadly in in two decades, reduced life expectancy by 10 years: Study India is today the world's second most-polluted country, trailing only Nepal, it said and pointed out that loss of life expectancy was the highest in Asia. Share Via Email Published:

Impact of delhi metro on the life of delhi citizens

More than cities across 91 countries were surveyed and it was found that the capital city has the highest concentration of PM2.

Hifi Oldage homes in India - High profile oldage home Delhi NCR.

The concentration of PM2. Delhi has a PM2. Construction activities like extension of the metro lines across South Delhi and building of residential areas in eastern and western parts of the city degrade the air quality.

In addition to this, factories in and on the outskirts of Delhi release toxic chemicals that contaminate the air. A study by Jawaharlal Nehru University JNU in showed that industries and thermal power plants contribute to 29 percent of the total air pollution in Delhi. In the industrial area of Okhla, maximum amount of particulate matter 2, Joshi, director, Occupational and Environmental Program.

Vehicular Emissions Vehicular emissions contribute to 63 percent of the air pollution in Delhi. Burning of petrol and diesel to run automotive vehicles releases greenhouse gasses. Two more relating factors that cause air pollution are the fuel pumps and sale of adulterated fuel in Delhi.

Burning of Paddy Fields in Punjab and Haryana Every year in the post monsoon season October-Novembermore than 20 billion tonne of straw is set afire within a fortnight in Punjab and Haryana.

Impact of delhi metro on the life of delhi citizens

The burning of paddy residue fills the air with 12 megatonne of carbon-dioxide, which not only acts as a catalyst for global warming, but also causes the soil to lose its fertility, kills farmer friendly insects and destroys nitrogen content worth Rs crore.

Despite a ban on paddy burning, farmers continue to practice this activity as an entire field can be reduced to ashes in ten minutes. Burning of straw causes severe harm to soil fertility and creates massive air pollution, inviting health problems," said Lakhwinder Hundal, chief agriculture officer in Gurdaspur.

However, in winter season, when people use wood and other substances for heating, low temperature accompanied with little or no wind can lead to building-up of pollutants in the atmosphere," said Roy Harrison of Birmingham University.

Millions of citizens burning firecrackers on Diwali is yet another cause of air pollution. Geographically, Delhi also suffers from the atmospheric dust blown in from the deserts of the western state of Rajasthan and the polluted air that makes way from the industries and burning farms of neighboring states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.Delhi Metro and Air Pollution Deepti Goel and Sonam Gupta April Deepti Goel is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Delhi .

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Voice of #Gurgaon / #Gurugram citizens. Gurgaon, Haryana Joined June in Delhi/NCR region? It's like smoking a full packet of cigarettes a day. We have an excellent growth but quality of life? What's the cost of human lives? Delhi Metro to join global club . 3 days ago · “The AQLI is an index that translates particulate air pollution into its impact on life expectancy.

Impact of delhi metro on the life of delhi citizens

In Delhi, pollution concentration in averaged microgram per cubic metre. The Delhi Metro has become the second most costly transit system in terms of the percentage of income a commuter has to spend to use it, said a report by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE).

Almost entire Delhi NCR is under heavy construction, all the time (roads, flyovers, bridges, houses, Metro etc).Increase in permissible plinth areas and floors also adds to construction. Of late,it is fashionable to make everything political.

The first senior citizen home in Faridabad, Delhi NCR has been fully operational since March Badkhal Lake tourist complex, Suraj Kund tourist complex, Aravali Golf Club and Raja Nahar Singh Palace are the famous tourist spots that make Faridabad a popular destination and a prosperous town.

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