How to write articles in dawn newspaper

It is important to realize that "objective journalism" is a 20th Century concept. In the 17th through 19th Centuries all of the papers practiced an "advocacy" journalism. The papers were for or against a cause, or the government. It mattered greatly to its publishers and readers whether the paper was Tory or Whig.

How to write articles in dawn newspaper

Search Ten Great Activities: Teaching With the Newspaper Ten terrific classroom activities that use the newspaper to teach all sorts of valuable skills -- including reading and writing for meaning, map reading, media literacy, sequencing, word meaning, and math.

Before the advent of NIE, newspapers tended to be used only by secondary school social studies teachers in two-week units or for Friday current events sessions. Now, however, newspapers are used throughout the school year in every area of the curriculum.

Indeed, the news is more a part of the school curriculum than it ever was -- for many reasons. Ten of the reasons teachers find newspapers such effective classroom teaching tools are detailed in the NIE feature "Why Use Newspapers? This week, Education World offers ten additional reasons -- in the form of ten terrific classroom activities -- for you to use newspapers in your classroom.

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Explore six great sites that will help you teach about the newspaper -- before you start teaching with it! Discover eight great sites that will help you link the day's news to your curriculum and challenge students to look beyond the news!

Connect the news to science, geography, social studies, art, math, language arts, critical thinking, and technology!

Daily Jang

Included are six online news quizzes for students of all ages. Check out these great ideas for connecting current events to all subjects! Remove the headlines from a number of news stories. Display the headline-less stories on a classroom bulletin board.

Provide students with the headlines, and ask them to match each to one of the stories. As students replace the missing headlines, ask them to point out the words in the headlines that helped them find the correct story.

Then distribute headlines from less prominent stories and ask students to choose one and write a news story to go with it. When the stories have been completed, provide each student with the story that originally accompanied the headline.

How close was your story to the original? How effectively did the headline convey the meaning of the story? You might follow up this activity by asking students to write a headline for their favorite fairy tale.

Arrange students into groups, and assign each group one international story in the news.

how to write articles in dawn newspaper

Have students explore Maps of the World and choose a map related to their assigned story. Ask students to use the map to answer some or all of these questions: In what city did the story take place? What country is that city in? What is the capital of that country?

What language is spoken there?How to Write Articles for Newspapers and Magazines has 28 ratings and 5 reviews. Cheryl said: I enjoyed this book but I was hoping for a more in depth ex /5. I love finding ways to turn everyday common items, which would otherwise go into the garbage, into beautiful items that everyone can enjoy!

So when I came across a gal who was making beautiful beads from recycled newspaper, I had to share the idea with you!

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Who should I contact to get my spirituality articles published in newspapers like The Hindu and The Times of India? Update Cancel. ad by YieldStreet. Another way to get yourself published in a newspaper is to write letters to the editor. Do note, letters to the editor are often about current trending topics, are severely clipped so as to.

Daily Jang Rawalpindi News Paper in Urdu. Daily Jang, a newspaper for Pakistani citizen which is published on daily basis.A booklet, that gives a deep knowledge . Apache/ (Red Hat) Server at Port Winston Churchill, in addition to his careers of soldier and politician, was a prolific writer under the pen name "Winston S.

Churchill".After being commissioned into the 4th Queen's Own Hussars in , Churchill gained permission to observe the Cuban War of Independence, and sent war reports to The Daily continued his war journalism in British India, at the Siege of Malakand, then.

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