How to write a good summary igcse

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How to write a good summary igcse

There are many different kinds of summaries, and they vary according to the degree to which you interpret or analyze the source.

how to write a good summary igcse

Some are pages long, while others are just one or two sentences. However, for all types of summary, the writer is responsible for generally stating, in his or her own words, the main information or argument of another writer.

Purposes of the Summary Before you write the summary, consider why your audience professor, boss, client wants to read it. Summaries benefit the reader because they offer a concise, general version of the original information.

For a busy reader, summaries provide quick overviews of material. Summaries also show readers that you have understood the general point of a text, and in this way, teachers can test your knowledge. Finally, summaries allow you to introduce knowledge within a research context: What and When to Summarize Many student writers tend to quote when they should summarize material.

Quote only when the author expresses a point in a particularly telling or interesting language. Use a summary to restate an entire argument.

Use a summary to present information. Summary is more economical than quotation because a summary allows the writer more control over the argument. How to Summarize Read the original passage or text very carefully.

Use a pencil to highlight or underline what you take to be the main point of the original text, or make notes in the margins or on another sheet of paper. Now tell your audience what the original source argued. Summary Conventions Summaries can range in length from two sentences to several pages.

If you quote, use quotation marks and document the quotation. Note how the brief summary uses the principles outlined above. Today, pornography attempts to make its audience focus their fantasies on specific people.

The "Playmate of the Month" is a particular woman about whom the reader is meant to have particular fantasies. And in its futility, it makes for rage and self-hatred. The traditional argument against censorship--that "no one can be seduced by a book"--was probably valid when pornography was impersonal and anonymous, purely an aid to fantasizing about sexual utopia.

Today, however, there is addiction and seduction in pornography. Decter argues that because pornography is more realistic now, using photographs of people with names and identities, it is more harmful to its readers and viewers, who can easily grow dissatisfied and frustrated with fantasies.*Overview – a short summary of what the poem is about.

*Context – background information about the poet/the poem.I’ve tried to limit this to things that are relevant to your understanding of the poem occasionally I get carried away though. IGCSE English Language Question 3.

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Summary question Summary Now use your notes to write a summary of what Passage B tells you about the reasons for not believing in the existence of unicorns and yetis.

You must use continuous writing (not note form) and use your own words as. Index of contents of this page for GCSE/IGCSE/O Level students (and a starter page for advanced A level students). 1.

Summary of the structure of the Periodic Table.

How to Write a Summary

1a. The basic structure of the Periodic Table. 1b. Electronic structure and the Periodic Table.

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Writing a summary is a great way to process the information you read, whether it's an article or a book. If you notice an author has made the same point multiple times, though, it’s a good indicator that this is an important point, and it should definitely be in your summary.

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